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Welcome to the majestic Austrian Parliament Building in Vienna, the iconic seat of the Austrian National Assembly and a symbol of democracy. As you explore the rich history and architectural beauty of this grand structure, you’ll uncover the fascinating stories that have shaped Austria’s political landscape.

The Austrian Parliament Building, also known as Vienna Parliament House, is located on the historic Ringstraße boulevard in the heart of the city. Designed by architect Theophil Hansen in the neo-Classical style, this monumental building has witnessed significant moments in Austrian history.

History of the Austrian Parliament Building

The construction of the Austrian Parliament Building began in 1874, and after nine years of meticulous work, it was completed in 1883. This magnificent structure was originally designed to accommodate the Imperial Council of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, serving as the legislative hub for the Cisleithanian part of the empire. Throughout its history, the Parliament Building has witnessed the rise and fall of political powers, the debates that shaped the nation, and the resilience of the Austrian people.

During World War II, the Parliament Building faced its darkest hours as it endured heavy damage during bombings. However, it also became a symbol of hope and resilience as it was within these walls that the rebirth of an independent Austria was declared in 1945. With the establishment of the First Austrian Republic, the Parliament Building transitioned into the seat of the National Council and the Federal Council, replacing the old Imperial House of Deputies and the House of Lords.

The history of the Austrian Parliament Building is a testament to the endurance of democracy and the evolving political landscape of Austria. From its origins as the Imperial Council to its role as a republican parliament, this iconic landmark stands as a reminder of Austria’s rich history and the commitment to democratic principles.

Architecture and Design of the Austrian Parliament Building

The Austrian Parliament Building, designed by renowned architect Theophil Hansen, showcases the grandeur of Greek Revival style architecture. Hansen’s vision was to create a harmonious masterpiece, where every element complements each other with precision and elegance. The building’s exterior boasts impressive architectural features, including columns, a triangular pediment, and statues, which add to its majestic presence.

Step inside the Parliament Building, and you’ll be greeted with a stunning interior that is equally captivating. Hansen’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in the intricate designs found throughout the building. From statues and paintings to furniture and chandeliers, every aspect of the interior decoration exudes a sense of grandeur. The combination of Hansen’s architectural genius and the exquisite interior design truly make the Austrian Parliament Building a sight to behold.

Austrian Parliament Building

“The architectural beauty and historical significance of the Parliament Building make it a must-visit landmark in Vienna.”

Immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural heritage of Austria as you explore the Austrian Parliament Building. Marvel at the splendor of the Greek Revival architecture, admire the intricate interior decorations, and learn about the democracy and political system that has shaped the nation. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, an architecture lover, or simply a curious traveler, a visit to the Austrian Parliament Building is an experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Parliament Building Renovations and Reopening

Renovations of Austrian Parliament

The Austrian Parliament Building underwent extensive renovations from 2018 to 2022, restoring it to its original splendor while incorporating modern facilities. The renovations aimed to preserve the historical significance of the building while enhancing the visitor experience. As part of the renovation process, a new visitor center called Demokratikum was created, providing interactive media stations that offer a deeper understanding of Austrian democracy.

“The renovations were a labor of love, ensuring that the Austrian Parliament Building remains a symbol of democratic governance,” said the project’s lead architect.

During the renovations, key areas of the building were restored, including the chamber of the National Council, which now features a stunning glass roof, creating a unique and visually captivating space. The historic chamber, inspired by ancient theaters, was also refurbished to its original grandeur. In addition, the Hall of Columns, a magnificent venue for receptions and events, was revitalized, maintaining its exquisite architectural details.

New Visitor Center – Demokratikum

“Demokratikum provides an immersive and educational experience, where visitors can explore the foundations of democracy and engage with interactive exhibits,” said the center’s curator.

The newly constructed visitor center, Demokratikum, is a state-of-the-art facility that offers visitors an opportunity to learn about Austrian democracy through interactive displays and multimedia presentations. With a focus on promoting civic engagement and understanding, Demokratikum showcases the importance of democratic processes and encourages active participation in the political system.

Visiting the Austrian Parliament Building

When visiting Vienna, a tour of the Austrian Parliament Building is a must for history enthusiasts, architecture lovers, and anyone interested in Austrian democracy. Guided tours of the main building and the nearby Palais Epstein are available in multiple languages, offering visitors a chance to explore the rich history and political system of Austria.

The newly created visitor center, Demokratikum, provides an interactive experience that sheds light on Austrian democracy. With its informative displays and engaging exhibits, Demokratikum offers a deeper understanding of the democratic processes that take place within the Parliament Building. Visitors can learn about the Austrian political system, the role of parliament, and the functions of the National Council and the Federal Council.

“Exploring the Austrian Parliament Building is like stepping back in time and immersing yourself in the nation’s history,” says Anna Fischer, a tour guide at the Parliament. “Our guided tours provide insights into the architectural beauty of the building, its historical significance, and the democratic processes that shape our country.”

While visiting the Parliament Building, don’t miss the opportunity to witness the sessions of the National and Federal Councils. Access to the glazed gallery is free, allowing visitors to observe parliamentary debates and decision-making in action. The unique vantage point from the gallery provides a fascinating perspective on Austrian politics.

After a tour of the Parliament Building, visitors can enjoy a meal at the onsite restaurant, Kelsen. Known for its sustainable cuisine, Kelsen offers a delightful dining experience for lunch and dinner. For those seeking picturesque views of Vienna’s city center, the outdoor terraces of the Parliament Building provide the perfect spot to relax and take in the beauty of the surrounding architecture.

Parliament tours and Dining options

Guided tours of the Austrian Parliament Building are available to provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the building’s history and significance. These tours offer a unique opportunity to explore the grand halls, learn about the political system, and appreciate the architectural beauty of the building. The nearby Palais Epstein also offers guided tours, allowing visitors to delve into its historical connections to Austrian parliamentarianism.

After a tour, visitors can satisfy their appetite at the restaurant Kelsen, located within the Parliament Building. Kelsen emphasizes sustainability and offers a range of delectable cuisine for lunch and dinner. With its pleasant ambiance and exceptional service, Kelsen provides a memorable dining experience for visitors.

Events and Special Programs at the Austrian Parliament Building

The Austrian Parliament Building is more than just a historic landmark; it is a vibrant hub of events and programs that engage visitors of all ages and interests. From parliamentary events to cultural festivals, academic lectures to democracy workshops, there is always something happening within the walls of this iconic building.

Parliamentary events, such as debates and committee meetings, allow visitors to witness the democratic process firsthand. These events provide a unique opportunity to observe politicians in action and gain insight into the decision-making processes that shape the country’s future.

“The Austrian Parliament Building hosts a diverse range of cultural events throughout the year, collaborating with renowned Viennese and international festivals,” says Johanna Müller, the events coordinator. “These events showcase various forms of artistic expression, including music, theater, and visual arts, creating a fusion of politics and culture within this architectural masterpiece.”

In addition to political and cultural events, the Parliament Building also offers educational programs such as academic lectures and democracy workshops. These programs aim to deepen the understanding of parliamentary democracy and foster civic engagement among visitors. Whether it’s a lecture by a renowned political scientist or a workshop on democratic participation, these programs provide valuable insights into the workings of a democratic society.

Engaging the Next Generation

One of the key focuses of the Parliament Building is to engage and educate the next generation of citizens. The democracy workshops, specifically designed for children and young people, offer interactive and hands-on experiences that introduce them to the concepts of democracy and civic responsibility. Through engaging activities and discussions, young visitors have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of democratic values and institutions.

As the Austrian Parliament Building continues to host a wide range of events and special programs, it remains a symbol of democracy, culture, and education. Whether you’re interested in parliamentary debates, cultural festivals, academic lectures, or democracy workshops, there is something for everyone within the walls of this historic building.

Democracy workshop at the Austrian Parliament Building

Illumination of the Parliament Building

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Austrian Parliament Building is adorned with the mesmerizing “Light of Human Rights.” This stunning illumination is a captivating collaboration between renowned Austrian artist Victoria Coeln and the parliament. The artistic installation showcases the importance of human rights in a democratic society, inviting visitors to reflect on the principles and values enshrined in the Universal Declaration.

“The ‘Light of Human Rights’ is a powerful symbol that celebrates the fundamental rights and freedoms that every individual should enjoy,” says artist Victoria Coeln. “Through my artistic interpretation, I aim to evoke a sense of unity, respect, and compassion, reminding us of the ongoing need to protect and promote human rights worldwide.”

The illumination of the Parliament Building with the “Light of Human Rights” is a captivating sight that adds a touch of enchantment to this iconic landmark. The artistic display extends from November 8, 2023, to January 28, 2024. Visitors and locals alike can marvel at the interplay of lights and shadows dancing across the grand facade, symbolizing the enduring significance of human rights in shaping a just and inclusive society.

Vibrant Artistry by Victoria Coeln

Victoria Coeln, an esteemed artist known for her innovative and thought-provoking works, brings her visionary talent to the illumination of the Parliament Building. With her artistic expertise and deep appreciation for human rights, Coeln’s installation captivates viewers and serves as a poignant reminder of our shared responsibility to safeguard the dignity and rights of all individuals.

As you explore Vienna, make sure to witness the mesmerizing “Light of Human Rights” illuminating the Austrian Parliament Building. This extraordinary display provides a unique opportunity to contemplate the vital importance of human rights and the continued pursuit of a world where equality, justice, and freedom flourish.

Palais Epstein: A Neighbor of the Austrian Parliament Building

Located in the immediate vicinity of the Austrian Parliament Building, Palais Epstein is a remarkable palace that offers visitors a glimpse into its rich history and architectural significance. Designed by Theophil Hansen, the same architect responsible for the Parliament Building itself, Palais Epstein is a true masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. Originally constructed as a “tenement palace,” it housed a diverse community of owners, tenants, and civil servants under one roof.

Today, Palais Epstein serves as a venue for meetings, offices, and parliamentary events, showcasing its unique blend of historic charm and contemporary relevance. Guided tours of the palace are available free of charge, allowing visitors to explore its elegant interiors and learn about its historical connections to Austrian parliamentarianism.

“Palais Epstein is a hidden gem nestled next to the Austrian Parliament Building. Its architectural beauty and historical significance make it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the history of Vienna and Austrian democracy. The guided tours offer a fascinating insight into the unique design and cultural heritage of the palace, allowing visitors to appreciate the work of Theophil Hansen and experience the grandeur of the past.”

Exploring the Architectural Legacy of Theophil Hansen

As an architect, Theophil Hansen made an indelible mark on the city of Vienna with his neoclassical designs. Palais Epstein stands as a testament to his vision and creativity, showcasing his ability to seamlessly blend classic elements with contemporary functionality. With its ornate façade and intricate interior details, the palace reflects Hansen’s commitment to creating harmonious and aesthetic architectural compositions.

Embark on a Guided Tour of Palais Epstein

Guided tours of Palais Epstein provide a captivating journey through history, offering visitors the chance to delve into the architectural legacy of Theophil Hansen and gain insights into the political and social context of the building. The knowledgeable tour guides share fascinating stories and anecdotes, bringing the palace to life and creating a memorable experience for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you are an architecture enthusiast, a history buff, or simply curious about the cultural heritage of Vienna, a visit to Palais Epstein is highly recommended.

Plan Your Visit

When planning your visit to Palais Epstein, be sure to check the tour schedules and make the necessary arrangements in advance. The guided tours are in high demand, so it is advisable to secure your spot early. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to explore the impressive rooms, admire the ornate furnishings, and learn about the historical significance of the palace. Don’t miss the chance to discover this hidden treasure that stands as a testament to Vienna’s architectural and cultural heritage.

Plan Your Visit to the Austrian Parliament Building

Planning a visit to the Austrian Parliament Building is a breeze! To make the most of your experience, we recommend registering in advance for guided tours and other activities. This will help you avoid long wait times and ensure you have a reserved spot.

Our visitor center is here to assist you with any special requests you might have. Whether you need help booking a tour, attending parliamentary sittings, or arranging for specific accommodations, our friendly staff is ready to assist you.

If you’re a member of the press or media, we have dedicated information available for you. Please reach out to our press office for press releases, media kit, and other relevant information to cover parliamentary events or related topics.

Whether you’re interested in exploring the fascinating world of Austrian democracy, admiring the stunning architecture, or immersing yourself in the vibrant cultural events, the Austrian Parliament Building has something to offer to every visitor. Start planning your visit today!

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